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There several products already out in the market that claim to be able to work well on stretch marks. You should know what to look for in an anti stretch mark cream so you don't get duped by fake or ineffective products.

Combination of Ingredients

For an anti stretch mark cream to work, it need not have a lot of ingredients - it just needs to have the right ones. You should check for ingredients that have been carefully combined for a more concentrated effect. Each individual ingredient should have an individual impact on stretch marks. Since stretch marks are essentially scars that result from dermal tearing, you should look for ingredients that can help repair the skin and improve collagen and elastin strength.

Preventive Properties

A stretch mark scar is difficult to remove completely. A good anti stretch mark cream should hold prevention as the key to stopping the appearance of stretch marks altogether. An anti stretch mark cream that can prevent Top Stretch Mark Treatment Creams marks does so by first of all nourishing the skin. A good anti stretch mark cream however can still be used even by those who have severe stretch marks. It is reasonable to imagine though that in severe cases, a good product can only effectively diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

Something Safe

A lot of stretch mark problems in women arise during pregnancy because of the abrupt expansion of the abdomen. It is therefore important to look for an anti stretch mark cream that is safe enough to use even on pregnant women. Although pregnant women are still advised to go by the advice of their doctors, a 100% natural product can be a safe choice. Natural ingredients reduce the chances of side effects regardless of whether an individual is pregnant or not. Just be sure to check with your doctor first.

Safe Against Allergies

Aside from pregnant women, those who have allergies would also benefit more from natural anti stretch mark cream products. The natural ingredients are already naturally occurring in the body or the environment so there is a small chance that they could promote allergies. To be on the safe side, try an anti stretch mark cream product on a patch of skin first and observe after 24 hours if any allergy signs appear.

Expectation Setting

Look for anti stretch mark creams that can give you a clear picture of what to expect. Makes sure that product instructions will tell you exactly how long you should wait for results and how often or how much a product should be used.

These creams are usually applied twice a day for a couple of weeks. To give your cream the best chances of providing results, you should use the cream after taking a shower when the skin is clean and the pores are open. The application should also be allowed to seep in before you put on your clothes.

Honest Claims

Avoid products that claim to have miracle effects. The effectiveness of a product will depend on such factors as your skin type, genetic predisposition and severity of stretch marks.

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